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World Axe Throwing League

Quick Details

Summer League 2021

Join our World Axe Throwing League!

Official WATL leagues are 8 weeks. We will meet every Wednesday starting on September 16th. The first seven weeks will consist of warm-ups, your 4 assigned matches, then followed by open throwing. You will be eligible for open throwing when all your matches are completed.

On week 8, everyone will be seeded into a double-elimination tournament based on wins, and season point totals as a tie-breaker. The winner of the tournament will be crowned Local Champion. 🏅

League Benefits for the Spring 2021 season:
🪓1/2 price throwing until the end of the season (subject to availability, reservations recommended. We accept reservations for 2 or more people. If throwing by yourself, either walk in, or call to check availability).
🪓Shirts and hats at employee cost
🪓$3 off for any guest you bring outside of league night

📣Duals will start at 6:30. We will warm up for a short amount of time, and try to get the matches going ASAP. We encourage everyone to come early to watch duals and matches in AXEtion; it’s so much fun to watch!!! If you like it, you will be able to sign up a team until week 3 of each League season. You will definitely want to join after seeing how much fun it really is!

📣Standard Hatchet league will start at 7:15. We will have time to warm up and start the matches as promptly as possible. For the first night, we will do an informal meet and greet before getting started so everyone can get to know each other a little before the competition begins.

📣Big Axe League will start at 8:30 and then we will have open throwing available to all league members!!!!

We ask you to go to the WATL website and familiarize yourself with the rules. Come in and be ready for fun, but also keep in mind we do this for fun, to be competitive, and to grow the sport of axe throwing. With this in mind, remember that good sportsmanship is paramount and expected from everyone.

You’re welcome to throw any of the house axes. If you want advice on getting your own axe, talk to any of the staff and the experienced league members. We do sell a decent variety of axes, so you can shop local AND chop local!

The champion(s) of each discipline will get free entry into the next league, an official WATL regional champion medal, and a t-shirt. They can also potentially win an invitation to the World Axe Throwing Championship on the largest stage for the sport of axe throwing displayed to the world on the ESPN network.